F1 1 is a formula 1 Flash Arcade Game. Like a real F1 driver you've got an opportunity to race World Championship circuits, to set up Best Lap time to overtake many opponents throughout the world-wide-web.

You need to register in order to write your name and results into 'standings' to compete against others opponents.

After successful registration you need to enter the game using login form.

You can race on any circuit by clicking it at the championship page. Choose a circuit and press 'Play' button.

Alike the formula 1 race you will gain points based on the place you occupy in that moment.

Attention Control your car with ARROW KEYS of the keyboard. Sometimes you'll need to CLICK the track with the mouse to make that keys work properly.

All your results are saving automaticly during the game. The Standings're updated immidiately. If you have any questions, please, mail them to

Enjoy the Game! Good Luck!